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Cosetta Masi, ll.m.(Hannover)

Avvocato - founder 

The true legal consultant is a problem solver, a person with analytical skills and foresight, able to find ad hoc, and where necessary, innovative solutions. After working for years at several first-tier law firms, in 2015 I chose to become an independent legal consultant. I follow a pragmatic approach and am able to respond effectively to the queries and needs of clients.

Formerly I have worked with the Law Firm “Studio Trabucchi” in Padua, mainly in the civil and commercial litigation field, focusing particularly on issues of banking and financial law. Afterwards, I worked for Law Firm “Studio Fontana Ros” located in Bolzano, and “Rödl & Partner” - seat of Padua, deepening my expertise and knowledge in the field of international trade law and corporate law.

I have always been interested in technology and related legal issues. This passion has driven me in 2015 to participate in a master's degree - LL.M. – offered by the Institut Für Rechtsinformatik (Institute for Legal Informatics) of the Leibniz Universität Hannover in partnership with the Queen Mary University of London.

Accordingly, together with my professional consolidated skills, I developed the branch of Information Technology and Intellectual Property.

Alongside the LL.M, I started my independent business, which has been known a constant growth from 2015 up to today.

Alan Dahi, LL.M. (Auck)

Ass. jur. – of counsel


Like Cosetta, I have always been interested in the cross-section of technology and law. I studied law in Germany and pursued a master’s degree – LL.M. – in New Zealand and the U.S. After my legal training to be qualified to be called to the bar in Germany, I joined the Institut für Rechtsinformatik (Institute for Legal Informatics) at the Leibniz Universität Hannover, where I counseled and researched predominantly on data protection. I still teach a data protection course at the institute’s LL.M. programme.

I then moved to the financial sector, where I counseled on data protection within the data protection office at a fin-tech bank before becoming the data protection officer for a financial company with operations in multiple EU jurisdictions. After this, I helped develop the data protection programme of the supervisory authority of a UK overseas territory.

In addition to being of-counsel at the law firm of Studio Masi, I focus on data protection litigation at noyb – European Center for Digital Rights.



The Firm’s expertise covers all areas of information technology, intellectual property, and international trade law. Furthermore, the Firm deals on a daily basis with the multi-layered needs of both companies and professionals on the one side and private individuals on the other, being able to rely on a network of partners with complementary and diverse skills. 


















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